How Reel Change works | See an example of how we work

Reel Change takes the initiative, becomes immersed in and researches pertinent aspects of the project, discovers what needs attention, and then acts as both producer and distributor of unique media materials designed to increase public awareness of NPO's with the goal of increasing the number and size of their donations. Here is a specific example of our operating procedure:

Hand-pulled rickshaws were outlawed in India in February of 2007, leaving 250,000 people out of work and unable to provide for their families. Rickshaw pullers exist on the ragged margins of India's society, barely scraping by on subsistence wages, but they're an integral part of the transportation network. They transport people and goods at costs that even the poorest can afford. With hand-pulling outlawed, the only option became the bicycle rickshaw, which requires a $1000 investment on the part of the puller—a cost that can't be met without a loan, which rickshaw pullers can rarely obtain.

Pedals for Progress is a national bicycle collection service that ships used bikes from America to developing nations around the world. They also support sustainable bicycle repair shops internationally, and have the infrastructure and contacts to provide enough bicycle parts to build a fleet of bicycle rickshaws in India.

Reel Change in this specific project would partner with Pedals for Progress and propose to collect bicycle parts, pay builders in India to make pedal-rickshaws, and then donate the rickshaws to pullers in Kolkata. Reel Change would be paying for the raw labor and costs aforementioned. To meet the costs of the program, Reel Change will produce a short film highlighting the challenges faced by rickshaw pullers in India, and then distribute the film to bicycle shops across America to ask for their old parts as well as a collective fund-raising program. United Parcel Service, (UPS), as a sponsor, will donate the shipping costs for bike parts from their origin point to a collection center in California, and from there to India.

Additionally, the film will air on a major network and act as a catalyst for people to donate funds which will pay for the rickshaws to be built and distributed in India. Viewers will be able to donate to Reel Change.  Tax-deductible donations to Reel Change can be made online or via regular mail.

A unique advantage of Reel Change is that donors will be able to actually see the impact that resulted from their donations. Additionally, our supported non-profits will receive media material for further fundraising efforts, free of charge.

Reel Change goes one step further by allotting a sizeable percentage of TV royalties, Web donations and ongoing financial support back to the cause.  This is a prime example of how Reel Change collaborates with existing organizations, ties in appropriate corporate sponsorship, maximizes the most out of our funding, produces and distributes the appropraite media to the proper channels, and eventually directly helps to address the original cause of the rickshaw pullers.


























Reel Change, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deducitble in full or in part.