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We begin by selecting potential projects as developed internally by our board or via our online submission form. Once we have a slate of strong projects for a fiscal year, we follow through the following steps:

  1. Reel Change (RC) Internal Fundraising: Our internal fund-raising goal is to raise the maximum possible funds at the least possible expense. The “endowment” will be carefully assessed and allocated by board members to collaborate with potential clients for RC’s yearly slate of projects. Reel Change does NOT charge a fee for its services. We however do expect maximum involvement from the organization we work with, in the form of: local fixers/guides, translators, transportation, shelter, production assistants, and any other local support that will assist the production and our joint effort.

  2. Yearly Slate of Projects: These are third party submissions to RC or internally developed efforts collectively chosen by the RC board.  The RC website accepts submissions from any distinguished NPO as long as it fits our criteria.

  3. Profits: Once the media is produced, the license for it is granted to the organization for it's fundraising efforts, or PR efforts. We also assist our clients by routing potentially suitable projects to network/cable venues for domestic or international distribution. A specific percent of the revenue earned is routed back to the original cause RC was contracted to address.

  4. Corporate Sponsors: RC invests significant effort towards finding suitable corporate partners to fund/sponsor projects that appeal to the branding of the cause RC is addressing (i.e.: General Electric and the Clean Water Project, or United Parcel Service(UPS) and the shipment of humanitarian goods). The result is two-fold:  RC receives generous donations in the form of monetary support or physical support to continue its efforts while the corporations receive a tax deduction for donations and portray RC media as their public relations tool.

  5. Profits: Any profits made from the produced materials (corporate sponsors, audience donation, network royalties, etc. . .) are routed back to RC and a specific percentage is relayed to the original cause.

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  • Reel Change does NOT charge for our services

  • We are fully donor supported



























Reel Change, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deducitble in full or in part.